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< Polishing >

The expression and charm of the sword could be change by different polishing technique.

Regular polishing work will takes 2 - 4 month.

Special restoration : Repairing rough Hada and Kizu, Umegane, restoring Nioi-gire etc. 

Estimate of work contents and cost/wage would be disscussed after examine in hand of polisher.

< Polishing Prices >

Katana : 260000JPY ~  

Wakizashi : 150000JPY ~ 

Tanto : 100000JPY ~ 

* Prices are based on old polish or very light rusted blades. 

* Heavily rusted or damaged blades may need extra charge.
* Master polish is available for important swords.

< Import and export service for over sea's customers >

We charge handling of 35000JPY for import and export process, It is include Custom declaration,  sword register, issuing Torokusho, applying export license.

< Submitting Shinsa >

We charge handling fee of 10000JPY  for submitting Shinsa.

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