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1946 : Born in Fukuoka. 

1964 : Became "Uchideshi (living in student)" of Master Hirai Matsuba in Tokyo.

Learning polishing in workshop of Master Hirai Matsuba and go to his brother Master Hon-ami Nisshu's house at night for Kantei study. 

Later, studied kantei under Master Ikeda Suematsu.

1974 : Became independent polisher in Fukuoka.

Taking 4-6 Uchideshis in workshop, raised 15 Independent polihsers.

1977 : Became specified polisher for Japan Sword smith association. 

1979 : Formed "Chikuzen-tokenkai" for Chikuzen smith study. Archived study of Nobukuni school, Moritsugu school, Chikuzen-Shitasaka school.

1993 : Invited from The Palace Museum in Beijing and Nanjing Museum in China for inspection of their Japanese sword collection.

1995 : Invited from Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg Russia for inspection of the sword which is the gift to the Russian prince from Japanese Emperor.

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